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a supernatural thriller podcast 

by sam sarkisian and emma arbor

ergo antz IG image profile.jpg

the story

Ambivalent supernatural forces torment an unwitting young woman. A flailing boyfriend struggles to navigate his partner's newfound obsessions and paranoia. A mind-tapping enterprise is hungry to exploit them all. 


It started with the antz…

Welcome to ergo antz. The queen beckons for you. 

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About the podcast

ergo antz is a found-footage audio drama with foreboding, supernatural spinnings. Follow our troubled heroine, Christine, as she documents strange and disturbing experiences that have begun to plague her. While she defies classifying her experience as a psychotic break...the day might not be long when she wish it were. 

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Reviews sampled from Apple Podcast Reviews


Truly one-of-a-kind

"A riveting account of a young woman's psychological torment. Superb audio effects and a unique point of view!"

The Creators

sam sarkisian

sam has a job that no one understands. he enjoys writing and making his voice sound different. he once wrote a pleasantly-sized book that even emma liked and it can be purchased here

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emma arbor

she love horses. also snacks. she's kind of an attorney sometimes. she likes being moody, fiction podcasts, and deliberately defying sam in the case of plot changes. 

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Christine Grace Ketterling

voiced by emma arbor

Robert Salvatore Lanzofono

voiced by sam sarkisian

Jesse "I-never-delete-my-voicemails-so-you-can't-leave-one" Furdic

voiced by "real-life" Jesse

"Dr." Creeper

voiced by sam sarkisian

"Dee" Dee

voiced by emma arbor

Martha Ketterling

voiced by sam sarkisian

Phone Robot of Mild Disappointment

voiced by emma arbor


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