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the queen wants you for her army of antz...
and join our dedicated community of listeners.

Lucky for you...lucky for us...she watches over recruits, leaving no ant behind. And as we tend the anthill, we may one day find she's granted us the power of colony.

Get perks as an avid listener.

March with the colony.

"the colony" is our email list for biweekly sound bites and bonus content.

(we won't spam you. we don't have time for that.) 

the queen beckons for you...

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2. Become a Patreon Supporter.

Patreon followers and supporters get exclusive access to all things ergo antz. Perks listed below.

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1. Prerelease, bonus, and unpublished content.

2. Downloadable mp3s from the ergo antz soundtrack

3. Videos of podcast creation

4. Live streams and Q & As with the creators

5. Fiction podcasting 101 hosted by a writing professor

6. Free and discounted merch

7. Plus so much more!

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